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LIST: Forbes Top Highest Paid Celebrities

LIST: Forbes Top Highest Paid Celebrities has released its annual list of The Highest-Paid Celebrities . . . and this year, MADONNA tops it, thanks to her highly profitable tour.  She banked $125 million over the past year.

This breaks OPRAH WINFREY'S four-year run at the top of Forbes' list.  Oprah dropped to #13 this year.

 Here's the Top 20, along with their earnings over the past year:

 1.  Madonna,  $125 million

 2.  Steven Spielberg,  $100 million

 3.  A three-way tie between Simon Cowell, Howard Stern and "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James, who all made $95 million

 6.  Author James Patterson,  $91 million

 7.  Glenn Beck,  $90 million

 8.  Director Michael Bay,  $82 million

 9.  A tie between Lady Gaga and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who both made $80 million

 Bruckheimer is best-known for producing the "CSI" shows . . . and a ton of blockbuster action movies, including "Top Gun", "Armageddon", "Black Hawk Down", "Pearl Harbor" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

 11.  A tie between Tiger Woods and Tyler Perry, who both made $78 million

13.  Oprah Winfrey,  $77 million

14.  Robert Downey, Jr.,  $75 million

15.  Dr. Phil,  $72 million

16.  Tennis player Roger Federer,  $71 million

17.  TV show producer Dick Wolf,  $70 million . . . He's probably best-known for creating the "Law & Order" franchise.

18.  Rush Limbaugh,  $66 million

19.  Toby Keith,  $65 million

20.  TV show producer Mark Burnett,  $63 million . . . He's best-known for producing the U.S. versions of "Survivor" and "The Voice", but he also created the History Channel's "Bible" miniseries this spring.


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